Hoy alguien reparaba en una antigua lectura mía, y yo quiero agradecérselo compartiéndolo contigo.


Primera parte entrada de RAdio deleuze


 She talks of herself as the spiritual grand-daughter of Deleuze and admits, at least at the time of this posting that she did not know who Guattari was . It’s beautiful.

 What is philosophy? is the question posed by Guattari   and Deleuze ask in their last co-signed work . The spanish blogger 

María Camín

quoted below performs   a 3 part video reading of the text and with her fellow bloggers and commentators offering  a series of illustrations  and existential

relations of these ideas.   
She accompanies her readings with the strange otherworldy music of Erik Satie _I think it’s  from one of the

Gnossiennes but I  am probably wrong ..   her own voice  is haunting  i n that Spanish way, and haunted by the text ,  it’s  raspy and , seems to internalize  what she reads…  there seems a sorrow rising there too  reaching the surface   but then again its winter as she reads  and walks as she reads…

  We need more readings like this  , I mean passionate, and thoughtful recorded readings of philosophical texts  ,,, think of the variety of readers and voices!  all that audition

 The sensitivity of the Spanish tone indicates more than what it says… there is a passion and underlying fervor pushing things to a  further connecting .. if one follows

the various references in the track back junction you can see the original posting and by remaining on the initial page
you can read the back and forth comments   of her readers
segunda  parte entrada de RAdio deleuze

Es uno filósofo guardando silencio

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